Workplace Stress-
A Growing Problem

There is no escaping the media avalanche around mental health in the workplace. Work-related stress and mental health problems are major contributors to high churn of staff, absenteeism and lack of productivity. Not only does this damage the profitability and reputation of a business but it also places organisations in a legal & financial minefield. On 26th July 2017, we saw the cost of taking an employer to a tribunal abolished, this could open the floodgates to litigation from disgruntled employees.


What we will do for you

  • Write, re-write or audit your mental health policies and procedures
  • Ensure you are legally compliant
  • Train your managers in their duty of care for their teams
  • Analyse your staff attendance rates and look for any trends
  • Analyse your staff churn numbers and overall recruitment and re-recruitment costs in particular
  • Run employee interviews and surveys to assess any trends that need investigation
  • Regular repeat dipsticks to measure progress
  • Educate your staff on mental health, what to look for and how to get help from first hand experience

If You Look After Your Staff, They'll Look After Your Customers. It's That Simple.