About Us

In 1993 Jon Waters and Marc Caulfield met in the heady arena of media buying and selling in the Advertising industry. We instantly hit it off; a mixture of charm, money, success and booze was a potent combination. However, we always felt there was more to our friendship than these superficial macho ideals and over the years have discussed many business ideas.


As we learnt more about each other as individuals and some of the demons we have faced, despite our success in business, we had that lightbulb moment and Demolish the Wall was born in January 2017.

We have both worked for small entrepreneurial businesses and been senior managers of PLCs across a range of industries. All slightly different but glued together by extreme stress, machoism and viewing any vulnerability as a weakness. Unfortunately, many businesses are renowned for chewing people up and spitting them out. All too often someone with mental health issues is cast aside; is work stress innocent in this? Probably not.

We believe a happy, safe, healthy work force, both mentally and physically, will lead organisations to truly fulfil their potential and what better way to deliver this than helping your staff maximise their potential both business wise and personally.

Our promises to you

We will always:

  • Add value
  • Be honest
  • Work in partnership
  • Ensure your policies & procedures are watertight
  • Ensure you are legally compliant
  • Leave your business a better place for people to work

We will never:

  • Divulge any data
  • Talk about our clients
  • Break anonymity

The following process chart takes you through an example of how we work. Note, this is bespoke and will change / evolve dependant on a client's needs; the client and Demolish the Wall will decide this jointly.