Our Partners

Demolish the Wall has partnered with the progressive corporate law firm MHS Sprecher Grier. As a boutique law firm, they provide services for both established companies and start-up businesses. MHS Sprecher Grier specialise in business law advice especially regarding policies and practices. Their team of experienced solicitors can be at your side at any juncture of your business. For more information click on the below link:


We set up Psychiatry-UK over 5 years ago as a medical chamber of mutually supportive specialists in all areas of mental health and now have huge experience of online consultations with over 30 GMC registered psychiatrists seeing almost 500 patients in the last year.

The best indicator of improved outcomes in any medical condition is rapid access to medical expertise. Using a secure online video link, we deliver rapid, cost effective, bespoke, patient-centred mental health care, directly to any location with an internet connection, anywhere in the world, within days of booking an appointment. Of all medical specialisms, psychiatry is uniquely well suited to remote provision because, firstly, there is a minimal need for physical examinations when dealing with mental health issues and, secondly, because discreet access from a private location greatly reduces fear of stigma and is therefore particularly attractive to many people suffering from mental anguish.

We carry full medical indemnity to see patients anywhere in the world. We are CQC registered as a supplier of services to the NHS and you can find us on the NHS Choices website.

By supplying your employees with access to our service you can sleep more easily, knowing that you have done your best to fulfil your duty of care and vastly improved their chance to deal with any issues, be it alcohol dependency, stress, depression or anxiety, without it costing them their jobs and future or you their skills and functionality, as well, of course, as reducing the time that they would be off work if they do not have a way to access such valuable support and medical expertise and keep their problems hidden until too late.